John Flavel on Ministry

John Flavel wrote: “The labors of the ministry will exhaust the very marrow from your bones, hasten old age and death. They are fitly compared to the toil of men in harvest, to the labors of a woman in travail, and to the agonies of soldiers in the extremity of a battle. We must watch... Continue Reading →

Union With Christ

Union with Christ is essential to radical life change. Essentially, we are made one with Christ. This happens through the agency of the Holy Spirit, which Christians are untied to Christ in his life (Phil 3:9), death (Rom 6:6, 2 Cor 5:14), resurrection and glorification (Eph 2:6). The New Testament uses the term “in Christ”... Continue Reading →

Christ Alone

We are saved through faith alone, but the object of our saving faith is Christ alone. More precisely, we are saved entirely on the exclusive identity of Christ. The perfect and complete, all-sufficient work of Christ and our sole mediator and representative. This means that Christ is the subject, the author, and the medium of... Continue Reading →

Boldness and Conscience

There are times in my life when I long to be bold in my faith. While in College I would be confronted about a particular view I had and I might mumble some half answer or excuse away some part of what I believed. Even with my military friends I failed to stand for what... Continue Reading →

A Vaccine and Conscience

"I always strive to have a clear conscience toward God and men." Paul (Acts 24:16) How do you determine right and wrong? If you are a Christian where do you go if the Bible isn't clear on a decision? Are we left with just our reason? What about Vaccinations and Covid-19 what do we do?... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Afghanistan and Trusting God

Anger, frustration, disappointment. These emotions pour out of me as I watch the news about Afghanistan this week. I remember when we pulled out of Iraq and watched ISIS develop in the leadership vacuum. The heartbreak that I feel alongside other veterans was only matched by the fear and devastation that the people living in... Continue Reading →

Sin is a Cancer

It is no surprise that I love the Puritans and a lot of their written works, while dense, they often provide keen insight into the heart of man. Not only that, they have many biblical remedies that they have systematically taken from Scripture and applied to life. Thomas Watson is one such Puritan. He wrote... Continue Reading →

Pastoral Plagiarism

The Southern Baptist Convention has elected a new president. Afterwards people noticed something about his sermons. They seemed familiar. Sure enough, there was evidence that many of his sermons were preached by someone else. Not too long after this his church removed 140 YouTube video sermons. The secular media has noticed ( He has responded... Continue Reading →

Effects of Sin and Biblical Counseling.

Sin impacts thinking. Eph 4:18 claims that the unbeliever is darkened, not just the unbeliever but all humanity is affected by sin and corrupts our thinking. Common grace gives all humankind the ability to know true things, but not all that is claimed by an unbeliever is correct. The area that unbelievers and secular psychologists... Continue Reading →

Common Grace and Biblical Counseling.

Common grace is the kindness and unmerited favor that God shows to all people. The reason it is common is because it is offered to all humanity alike. It is grace because it is the opposite of what humanity deserves.

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